Monday, May 19, 2008

How to Run My Car on Water- 5 Facts on Water for Gas DIY Hydrogen System

If you are still stuck with high cost of gas at the pump, you need to look at this water 4 gas Do It Yourself engine system.

This is basically a system that uses hydrogen and oxygen from water to
increase your engine MPG, increase efficiency,
reduce yearly cost of fuel,
lower harmful gas emissions,
reduce carbon deposits on your engine,
reduce noise level from your engine and
increase your car’s lifespan.

Increasing your car’s Miles per Gallon of Gas (MPG): Fact # 1

DIY water for gas system uses the hidden enormous energy in water by releasing Hydrogen and Oxygen gases using a simple water jar through which a DC current from your ignition flows.

The simple device that you can assemble in your car garage with an illustrated manual only produces hydrogen gas when you switch on your car.

This hydrogen on demand ensures that you don’t store any flammable hydrogen under your car hood. It called the principal of hydrogen on demand, and it’s the safest way to handle hydrogen so far.

The hydrogen and Oxygen mixture expands more than 18,000 times more than the ordinary gasoline vapor.

This means the gases will be occupying more space in your car engine combustion chamber at any one time.

The result is that far less volume of gasoline is burnt. Hydrogen and oxygen releases more than 20 times more energy than gasoline.

Due to the less amount of gasoline being combusted inside the engine, this translates to using less gas for the same mileage.

A full tank will easily give you double the mileage you are used to in your car. Road tests have achieved 50% increase in mpg on a heavy 350 V8 van, 56% on a Ford truck, 107% on my Toyota Corolla, 285% on a Chevy 4WD pickup.

Reducing harmful car emissions: Fact # 2

The simple system will eventually reduce harmful emissions from your car’s engine which means less contamination for you and your family.

Combustion of H and O gases produces only water as the gases are recombined to a more stable state.

Since the gases form the bulk of the combustion material in the engine, the result is that less carbon deposits and CO2 is produced as exhaust gases.

This will contribute immensely to a greener environment. If this technology would be taken up by more and more people, you can see the effect in reducing CO2 gas in the atmosphere and hence global warming.

Increasing your car’s Lifespan: Fact # 3

By supplementing gasoline with water gas (browns gas), less carbon deposits will be produced in your car’s combustion chamber.

Carbon produced inside an engines car not only reduces its efficiency in complete combustion of gasoline but also accumulates to accelerate your engine’s and car’s wear and tear.

With the brown’s gas supplementing gasoline, less and less amounts of carbon will be deposited in your engine. Over a period of two to three years, your car’s engine will still be as good as new.

Reduces your weekly gas costs: Fact # 4

One of the most significant advantages of using browns gases from water to run your car is that you will greatly make savings on the cost of gas.

The fact that you are burning less gas for the same mileage you used to cover before installing the system means you will use less money at the gas pump.

People that have installed this simple device under their car’s hoods have recorded savings of up to $ 200-$400 every week.

This means making savings on gas costs in the tune of over $10,000 in a single year.

Imagine how much such savings would help you improve on your credit rating and be able to change your cars within the first year.

This is like music to most people’s ears when in addition they get to reduce emissions, lengthen their car lifespan and save on engine repair costs.

Reduce Your Engine’s Temperature, Smoother and Calmer Engine and Gear Shifts: Fact # 5

The use of hydrogen and oxygen from water in your car’s engine will automatically lead to a smoother and calmer engine.

These gases burnt efficiently reducing the engine vibrations and knock effect produced by the inefficient combustion of gasoline. Your gears will even shift more easily.

This in fact will greatly reduce the wear and tear of your car due to fewer vibrations to the mainframe.

Lowering your engine’s temperature also has a similar effect in that it prevents your engine from wearing out fast.

This simple do it yourself device will also turn you into an instant guru and your neighbors will knock over themselves trying to get your secret water jar system installed in their own cars.

Some people have even made this a business opportunity charging a small fee to install or simply instruct others on how to reduce their gas costs especially now when it’s going to 4 dollars a litre.

The good part is that you will instantly download a fully illustrated manual on how to install the system.

The manual is so detailed and gives a step by step guide of how to install the water gas converter device, that even a cave girl could do it.

The manual is available a digital file that you can download online in 3 minutes flat and print it out for easier use.

You will wish you got this information three years ago if you start seeing the insane savings on fuel from today.

Get your own copy of the manual and start saving on gas costs today. CLICK HERE

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